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The company adheres to the innovative and specialized product roadmap. Based on the technical development trend of control valves, the company puts forward the idea of "intelligent control technology for control valves" as the core of innovation, focuses on the research and development of large caliber, high temperature difference, high pressure difference, high temperature resistance, long life, modularization and intellectualization and other technologies in product innovation, and puts the research and development achievements into practice, which becomes the fundamental guarantee for innovative development of the company.
The company has a fully-equipped scientific and technological information room, specializing in scientific and technological data management, advanced scientific and technological information collection and consolidation, and scientific and technological situation analysis etc. At the same time, the company actively puts the latest advanced scientific and technological achievements into use, taking the lead in using the three-dimensional design platform SE, finite element analysis platform FEMAP+NXNastran, MSC series software, optimization software Isight, product data management software Teamcenter etc., and cooperating in using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and computer stress FEM analysis systems. The company has three standard laboratories with more than 30 sets of advanced detection instruments. The company is capable of completing the material analysis, physical chemistry, X-ray, magnetic powder and ultrasonic flaw detection, type test of control valve and other items independently, which guarantees the company's scientific and technological innovation ability.
The company's innovative development is also featured by industry-university-institute cooperation. With Zhejiang Sanfang Control Valve Research Institute as the platform, the company has established an industry-university-institute technical alliance under the in-depth cooperation with famous domestic universities and research institutes including Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute and Nuclear Power Institute of China. It has cultivated a number of engineering and technical talents with sound engineering technology and rich knowledge of control valves, providing strong intellectual support and talent guarantee for the company's sustainable development.
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